Steve Gladstone added two Solar Lawn Trucks in early 2019. After his first season is drawing to an end, he reports on the Electric Transition.

Update: Steven Gladstone added his third Solar Lawn Truck system in 2021.

This is no longer a field test. This technology works!


If you are considering battery-powered lawn equipment in your lawn or landscape company, watch this video.

Table of Contents (times correspond to the start of each topic):

1:03 – Meet Steven Gladstone, Steven’s Wack-N-Sack, AL

2:40 – Early Days & the first Super Lawn Truck purchase

3:20 – Frustrations that pointed the way

3:55 – First test of an electric weed eater

5:09 – First attempt at electric equipment crews

5:59 – First charging station and challenges discovered

6:15 – Our first charge on the go problems

7:15 – The electric transition solution discovered

8:02 – Our new shop charging system

8:50 – Will the power last? 

9:36 – Explanation of properties served

10:02 – Equipment used

10:48 – Electric equipment maintenance & electricity cost

11:50 – Electric equipment challenges

13:02 – Gaining efficiencies through planning

13:40 – What the employees think about electric equipment

14:00 – Let’s talk numbers – financial results

15:40 – What we wasted money on in this transition

16:01 – Change in net income revealed

17:59 – Summary of the Electric Transition 

18:40 – The Beta Testers recognized


To request information on the Solar Lawn Truck and Greenworks battery-powered equipment, please request your FREE Information Package Here. 

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