Learn More about Battery Powered Lawn and Landscape Equipment with the Mobile Solar Charging System!

Lawn and Landscape Contractors are Embracing the Lithium Revolution Like Never Before!




No more gas! No more spark plugs! No more noise! No more smoke and BEST of all NO MORE PULL CORDS!!

Battery powered tools and equipment cut through the day as quietly as a summer breeze. Finally, affordable, fast-power on the go is here!

Solar cells on top of state of the art Super Lawn Trucks harness the energy of the sun. Piped down to robust long lasting, high capacity batteries underneath the solar truck-power is transferred up to the core of this completely Mobile Solar Charging Station.

Cut, trim, blow-all day…changing out batteries and putting the used battery packs back on the charger wherever you are so you’re always fully powered!

Quiet, battery powered commercial string trimmers, push mowers, even heavy duty, powerful, commercial zero turn mowers get the work done when you take the power of the sun with you on every job!

Take a look at the videos here for some great examples of just how powerful and efficient these tools are in the field!

We think you’ll be impressed!

The Mobile Solar Charging Station-Only from Super Lawn Technologies!

Are you ready to become an industry leader?

Take your lawn and landscape company to the next level and become a beta tester today!

Click here to find out how you can receive FREE battery powered equipment valued at $6,000! 


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